2017 Spring Watershed Academy Resources, Presentations and Handouts


Jim JordahlConservation Drainage - Introduction

Jim Jordahl with the Iowa Agriculture Water Alliance gave a brief introduction to conservation drainage practices.





Chris HayDenitrifying Woodchip Bioreactors

Chris Hay with the Iowa Soybean Association talked about bioreactors including how they work and their potential to reduce N losses through drainage.




Paul SweeneyEconomic Benefits of Tile Drainage, Conservation Drainage, and Sub-irrigation

Paul Sweeney with Ecosystem Services Exchange gave an overview of the economic benefits and returns on investment of different drainage practices. 



Donna Ramaeker ZahnEffective Communication

Donna Ramaeker Zahn with the Iowa Agriculture Water Alliance discussed headlines, messaging, and other communications strategies.




Matt LechtenbergFinancial Assistance and Technical Assistance for Edge-of-field Practices

Matt Lechtenberg with Clean Water Iowa discussed Financial Assistance (FA) and Technical Assistance (TA) opportunities for edge-of-field practices.



CREP ProgramIowa's Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program

Brandon Dittman with IDALS presented information about the CREP program.





Matt HelmersReaching the Nutrient Reduction Strategy Goals

Matt Helmers discussed what it will take to reach the goals of the Nutrient Reduction Strategy and how results from meetings in February and March 2017 might help us understand how others are looking at practices, implementation and the root problems across the state.




Paul SweeneySite Selection and Suitability for Conservation Drainage

Paul Sweeney with Ecosystem Services Exchange gave an overview of the factors that affect site suitability for conservation drainage. 




Ann StaudtTop 10 Tips for Killin' It with PowerPoint

Ann Staudt with the Iowa Learning Farms pulled together a Top 10 list of communication pointers to use with PowerPoint presentations.





Applying Woodchip Bioreactors for Improved Water Quality

Cleaning Iowa's Waters with Saturated Buffers in Iowa Watersheds

Headlines Worksheet

Messaging Tip Sheet

Reducing Nutrient Loss: Science Shows What Works

Ten Ways to Reduce Nitrogen Loads from Drained Cropland in the Midwest


Saturated Buffer Field Exercise Handouts

Saturated Buffer Conservation Practice Standard

FEEL Drainage System Map

FEEL Aerial Drainage System Layout

FEEL Saturated Buffer Site Suitability - Overview

FEEL Saturated Buffer Site Suitability - Slope

FEEL Saturated Buffer Suite Suitability - Soils



ACPF Watershed Database - Saturated Buffer Viewing Tool

ACPF Tool Saturated Buffer

2017 Spring Watershed Academy Resources, Presentations and Handouts | Water Quality Program


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