Leadership Development Program



Washington County 4-H’ers in 9, 10, and 11 grade


The Leadership Development Program (LDP) is intended to give special leadership training to those older 4-H members looking for more leadership positions within Washington County’s 4-H program.  Participation is a requirement to apply for membership on County Council and the ELITE project team.


LDP will focus on building leadership skills and is beneficial for life even beyond these 4-H experiences.  Session topics will include, but are not limited to, defining leadership, self-analysis, communication, getting along with others, learning to learn, making decisions, managing and working with groups.  This year LDP will be a one day course on a Saturday in late fall/early winter.   We will try to make the date work for the majority of youth’s schedules.  There will be no exception made if you miss this class. 


Completion of this program will not guarantee, however, your acceptance to County Council.  You will still need to complete the application process with application form, resume, and interview with Youth Committee.  By participating in LDP this year, you would be eligible to apply for County Council or ELITE next fall.    


To apply for the LDP please fill out the application and return to the Extension Office by January 1.  We can also email it upon request.  If you have any questions please contact Amy at the Extension Office, 319-653-4811 or amygreen@iastate.edu. 


We are excited to offer this leadership opportunity to help make the Washington County 4-H program even stronger!  

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