Washington County 4-H First Tech Challenge Robotics Team Competes Virtually

Lego League Team

The Washington County 4-H Club First Tech Challenge team, the Eaglebots, have started their competition season.   Uniquely this year due to COVID, teams are competing virtually against others all over the world.  January 23 the team was logged in from Washington to perform assigned tasks with their robot and document scores. 
Each round in the competition is divided into three scoring opportunities: 1. Autonomous Period (pre-programmed instructions and sensor inputs to robot) 2. Driver-Controlled Period (similar to video game controlling) 3. End Game (also driver controlled but with certain point earning tasks assigned).
The Eaglebots have been meeting weekly since October to learn programming, build their robot and continually improve its design to meet more goals at a faster time.  The club is led by 4-H volunteers Jim Pitcher and Kelley Hough.  According to Pitcher they have the next design in progress which should allow the robot to launch rings farther and at an angle.  In addition to STEM, the First Tech Challenge robotic experience teaches trouble shooting skills, teamwork and communication
The team celebrated January 23 with improved scores from previous virtual matches and accomplished a successful ring launch into the power shot target for the first time in competition. 
For more information on how to support the robotics team or Washington County 4-H’ers, contact Amy Green at the Washington County Office, 319-653-4811.  See “Washington County 4-H – Iowa” on Facebook for more pictures of the January 23 competition.    

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