Gene Mohling Receives University Award

Gene Mohling

Gene Mohling, extension regional director, was one of nine extension professionals honored during the university's annual awards ceremony Monday, Sept. 23 in the Memorial Union Great Hall. Gene Mohling, director for ISU Extension and Outreach Region 15, received the R.K. Bliss Award from Iowa State University. The award recognizes outstanding achievement of an ISU Extension and Outreach staff member for developing an overall or continuing extension education program. The honor is named for Ralph K Bliss, the director of extension from 1912 to 1946.
As the Johnson County Extension Education Director, Mohling’s responsibilities quickly expanded into Washington, Iowa and Keokuk Counties. Through his leadership, Region 15 saw a four-fold increase in the number of youth served. He has led numerous initiatives including a Non-Profit Academy, Annie’s Project, Ag Outlook Seminar, and Nutrition and After School programs. From 2002-2014, the John Deere In-Tune with Agriculture Institute offered 250 workshops for 5,500 participants, and Mohling conducted 23 sessions. He has been instrumental in building capacity of staff across Iowa.
"Whatever we accomplish, it's always a team effort," said Mohling.  "No one does or achieves in a vacuum.  We cannot grow the youth program by ourselves, or build an endowment fund or build a new office building or developp great volunteers by's all of us that make it happen," Mohling added.

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