Cash Rental Rates for Iowa 2019 Survey

corn in field

The cash rental rate information presented in this publication is from a survey of farmers, landowners, agricultural lenders, and professional farm managers.  Click here for survey.
They supplied information based on their best judgments about typical cash rental rates for high, medium, and low quality cropland in their counties, as well as for land devoted to production of hay, oats, and pasture. Information about rents for individual farms was not collected. The rental rates summarized in this publication do not include the value of any buildings or storage structures, manure application contracts, or seed production contracts.
The cooperation and assistance of the landowners, farmers, and agribusiness people who responded to this survey are greatly appreciated. The distribution of the 1,262 responses was 47 percent from farm operators, 30 percent from landowners, 8 percent from agricultural lenders, 12 percent from professional farm managers and realtors, and 3 percent from other professions. Respondents indicated being familiar with 1.6 million cash rented acres across the state.


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