Amy Green Receives 4-H Distinguished Service Award

Washington County 4-H/Youth Coordinator, Amy Green, received the 4-H Distinguished Service Award recently at the 4-H Youth Fest in Ames.
This award recognizes county youth staff members who are making a long-term difference through their career. Only 3 individuals across the entire state of Iowa receive the award each year.
In her position as 4-H/Youth Coordinator, Amy strives to engage ALL youth. Washington County 4-H programs and youth outreach programs reached 1,695 youth last year which is 40% of all youth in Washington County.
Amy’s passion for 4-H is evident throughout the wide assortment of program opportunities; along with recruitment, support, and recognition of 4-Hers, volunteers, and alumni. Amy is actively involved with two regional teams, in which she takes a leadership role in planning multi county offerings. Amy has also been very successful in securing funding and new partnerships that have provided accessibility to even more youth. Amy has mentored 2 county youth coordinators in other counties and strives to empowers others.
One parent offered this comment, “The Washington County 4-H program strengths include leadership and enthusiasm from Amy Green that impacts all areas of the program; opportunities for learning/growth throughout the year, not just fair time. She constantly asks for feedback to make changes and fine tune programming. There is an excellence in everything that is done; nothing is just “ok”.
Amy has worked at ISU Extension and Outreach in Washington County since 2011.

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