4-H/FFA Production Swine Weigh-In Set for April 15

4-H/FFA Production Swine Weigh-In Set for April 15

The Washington County Fair Swine Committee is in preparation for the spring weigh-in for production swine. Participation in the production swine division is optional for all exhibitors.  The Production Swine division includes production gilts and production barrows.  Those wanting to participate must contact the Extension Office by April 10 for their exact weigh-in time on April 15.


Production Swine Division Guidelines for 2023 Washington County Fair


  1. Exhibitors may nominate a maximum of 6 barrows and maximum of 6 gilts at the production weigh-in on Saturday, April 15 at the Washington County Fairgrounds from 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.  Pigs entered in the production division must be weighed/tagged by committee during the Saturday weigh-in.  Contact the Extension Office by April 10 for an assigned weigh-in time.  
  2. No pigs over 55 pounds at weigh-in will be accepted.  Production swine do not need to be ear notched for 2023. 
  3. The swine committee recommends the market weight range of 220-300 pounds for market swine county fair entries; Production swine will be allowed to surpass the 300 pound maximum and still be eligible for class entry and show due to the rate of gain feature in production divisions. 
  4. Those participating in swine weigh-in on April 15 are reminded to clean and disinfect transport vehicles.  Bring two 4-H’ers/family members to assist in handling pigs.  Isolate weigh-in pigs 7 days before and after for close observation. Watch for and report any signs of illness to the swine volunteers are weigh-in beforehand. Use sterile boots and gloves. 
  5. Families who have a certified scale at their home farms are able to do weigh-in through a scheduled facetime appointment on April 15.  Contact the Extension Office by April 10 for your time.


The Single Source Commercial Swine class is also a part of the Production Swine show.  Those wanting to participate in this unique Washington County Fair class must pre-register by calling the Extension Office, 319-653-4811, by April 1.  Pig pickup will be on April 15 from 8:30 am-9:30 am at the Washington County Fairgrounds for this class. 


All State Fair swine ID is done by individual families with special DNA collection tags available from the Extension Office.  DNA must be returned with proper paperwork by May 10 to the Extension Office and all animal information entered into 4hOnline by the families by May 15.  


For more information about the county fair production swine weigh-in or the Washington County 4-H program, contact the Washington County Extension Office, 319/653-4811.