4-H Swine Project Meeting February 20 for all New Swine Exhibitors

4-H “Know Your Swine” Project & Exhibitor Meeting Feb 20

February 20 at 6 pm at the Extension Office will be the annual “Know Your Swine” Workshop and Exhibitor Meeting for new and beginning swine showman.  This is an introductory meeting to the Swine Project and current swine industry topics.  ISU Swine Specialist Matt Romoser, 4-H swine superintendents and mentor families, and 4-H staff will discuss early care management, facilities and equipment, feeding, bio-security issues, showmanship tips, African Swine Fever and ractopamine-free projects.  This meeting is required if you plan to show swine at the 2024 county fair and have not attend a 4-H swine meeting since the ractopamine rule started in 2020.  The same information will be covered.  All swine exhibitors must attend one of these ractopamine-free project meetings with a parent/guardian to exhibit at the Washington County Fair.   

April 1 is the deadline to register for the unique Washington County Single Source Commercial Swine Class.  Interested exhibitors should contact the Extension Office to learn more about this class where all pigs come from the same commercial swine building.  The project begins on April 13 when all participants get their pigs at the production swine weigh-in at the Washington County Fairgrounds. 

Questions regarding how to get involved with the swine project area as an exhibitor or community partner may be directed to the Washington County Extension Office, 319/653-4811.