About ISU Extension and Outreach: Warren County

ISU Extension Warren County is here to serve you!

Warren County Extension is part of a county, state, and federal partnership bringing the resources of Iowa State University directly to you. Your Warren County Extension office provides information and educational opportunities to adults and youth on a variety of topics relating to agriculture, business and industry, communities, families, gardening and youth development.

In 1903, a group of Iowa farmers cooperated with Iowa State University to establish the "extension idea" - taking the land-grant college to the people.  Today, Iowa State University Extension looks forward to being part of a better future for all Iowans in the next 100 years. 


Extension Council

Extension Council Members are:  Front Row: Amy Tlach, Chairperson; Kate Patterson; Kathryn Pierson, Office Manager; Charles Ertzinger; Ronda Lyon, Secretary; Steve Heaberlin, Vice Chair; Back Row: Mark Matlage; Jason DeLay, Treasurer; Craig Hertel, Regional Director; and Mark Davitt. (Andrew "Andy" Lent not pictured). 

The Warren County Agricultural Extension Council is made up of nine publically elected officials for four year terms.  The Extension Council meets monthly on the third Tuesday of each month at 6:30 p.m. at the Extension Office.  The public is welcome to attend. 

Here are a few ways Warren County Extension works for you:

The Warren County Master Gardener program provides home horticulture information and education consistent with Iowa State University recommendations to Warren County citizens and increases members' knowledge of horitculture through educational opportunities.

The Family Nutrition Program ( Warren County) had 26 adults graduate from their program and of those 100% made behavior changes in one or more nutrition practices (i.e. planned meals, made healthy food choices, children ate breakfast, read nutrition labels) and 100% also made one or more changes in their food resource management practices (i.e. planned meals, compared prices, did not run out of food, used grocery store lists). 

4RKIDS Early Childhood Iowa is focused on supporting all child care programs in a quest to move up the Quality Rating System (QRS) scale. 4RKIDS Early Childhood Iowa goals are to:

     √ Raise the quality of child care.

     √ Increase number of children in high-quality child care settings.

     √ Educate parents about quality in childcare.

     √ Make providers aware of the many paths and steps available to  

        them to improve the quality of child care provided to children.

     √ Offer parents another resource in evaluating and selecting a child

        care provider.

     √ Give local communities, businesses, organizations, and funders a

        "menu" of activites, training and support they can offer to providers

        right in their own communities.                           

The Warren County 4-H Program reaches youth through community clubs, special interests and school enrichment programs.  Currently Warren County has 22 4-H clubs and nine Clover Kid Groups.


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