Native Bee Challenge- Youth Leaders Needed!

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Native Bee Challenge

Do you have an interest in the Crop Production, Environment and Sustainability, and/or Horticulture project areas? ISU Extension and Outreach has a great leadership opportunity for you!
Iowa 4-H, in partnership with 4-H Ag Innovators Experience, is looking for teen leaders to help facilitate activities that educate youth about the importance of bees in our environment.
The Native Bee Challenge is a part of the 4-H Ag Innovators Experience, an annual program that challenge young people to apply critical thinking and STEM skills to a real-world agriculture challenge. In Iowa, the collaborative, hands-on challenge will help youth:

  • Learn about the diversity of native bees and their importance as pollinators of food crops
  • Understand how pollination works and why it is important
  • Explore ways to increase pollinator habitat

Activities for youth:

  • Pollination: Experience life as a bee as you visit flowers to get food for yourself and your young. Learn how pollination happens, how bees are involved and why we need pollinator for crops.
  • Habitat: Use a map to look for opportunities to increase habitat while learning about conservation practices in agriculture and in cities.
  • Make a bee nest: Get materials to make your own bee next to take home. Take part in citizen science as you record any nesting bees.

There is a short online application for anyone in grades 9 to 12 to apply for a teen leader position. Need help with your application? Contact Logan at
Questions? Contact Maya Hayslett at
See our flyer for additional information. 

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