Intergenerational Interaction is Important

Two Senior Women

Our parents and grandparents give us comfort, introduce us to new experiences and celebrate experiences with us. These family relationships last a lifetime and continue to offer support.
Many family members live in places making travel for visits on a regular basis difficult.  This can affect communication with senior members of the family.  Although technology is the go-to communication for younger people it can be confusing to their older relatives.
Why is intergeneration interaction important?

  • Children (young and old) can learn how to view the “ups and downs” of life in the proper context.
  • Everyone needs a sense of belonging. Shared family traditions and stories make them feel more connected.
  • Children spending time with grandparents or older adults can learn respect and admiration for an older generation.  The older generation can share a different view of how the child’s parents react to situations so the children can see a different perspective.
  • There are several benefits for the seniors as well.  Examples: reduced isolation, improved memory, experience a better outlook and improved sense of purpose.

In this time of social distancing and face coverings, we will have to think about intergenerational interaction in a different way.  Be creative.  If the family member is not able to use technology, the telephone is an option.  Have an outside visit with chairs six feet apart. Share pictures of what you are doing by mail and talk to them by phone about the pictures.
Remember to keep the interaction going for the benefit of all.

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