2023 4-H Award Recipients

On Sunday, November 19th we hosted the Annual Warren County 4-H Awards Night at the Milo Community Center. We celebrated the achievements of the 4-H members who completed record books. These youth put in a lot of hours and dedication to complete their 4-H projects this past year.


Project Pins

The presentation of Project Pins recognizes the important life skill of record keeping. Youth put together a plan that includes goals, action steps, and outcomes based on their project. The following youth recognized completed a record book to receive their pin. Additional pins were awarded for perfect attendance and for first year record keeping.

Belmont Badgers members receive their project pins

Above: Belmont Badgers Members receive their project pins (L-R) Back: Jasmine Jensen, Isabell Olsasky, Olivia Harrington, Madison Olsasky. Front: Kaylie Jensen, Trace Storm, Charles Olsasky.

Virginia Boosters members receive their project pins

 Above: Virginia Boosters Members receive their project pins (L-R) Brady Streeter, Keifer Bedwell.

Carlisle Trail Blazers members receive their project pins

 Above: Carlisle Trail Blazers Members receive their project pins (L-R) Sasha McCoy, Grace Ferrel, Kaden Campbell, Conner McCoy, Kathy McCoy (leader).

Indianola Goal Achievers member receives her project pins

 Above: Indianola Goal Achievers Member receive their project pins (L-R) Anna Blanchard


Outstanding Project Awards

The following award recipients went above and beyond in their project area. These record books are evaluated heavily based on their communication, leadership, and citizenship in their respective project areas. These awards are granted to each age division (Juniors 4th-6th, Intermediate 7th-9th, and Senior 10th-12th). 

Junior Outstanding Award Winners

Above: Junior Outstanding Project Award Winners (L-R) Charles Olsasky, Keifer Bedwell, Trace Storm  

Intermediate Outstanding Awards Winners

Above: Intermediate Outstanding Project Award Winners (L-R) Madison Olsasky, Kaylie Jensen, Grace Ferrel, Conner McCoy

Senior Outstanding Award Winners

Above: Senior Outstanding Project Award Winners (L-R) Jasmine Jensen, Anna Blanchard, Olivia Harrington, Brady Streeter, Sasha McCoy, Isabell Olsasky


Banner Clubs 

This award is provided to the clubs who are the most active in the county involving youth and leaders in many events and activities. It is very desirable to attain the distinction of being a “4-H Banner Club”. A club, its leader, and members can attain this goal by earning a minimum of 350 points from standards set for the year. This year, we had three clubs earn the prestigious title of “Banner Club." Recipients this year are the Virginia Boosters, Belmont Badgers, and overall high scoring club, Carlisle Trail Blazers. 

Banner Club winners

Above: Representatives from each Banner Club (L-R) Carlisle Trail Blazers, Virginia Boosters, Belmont Badgers


Paul VanderLinden Award for Perfect Attendance

This award is to recognize the 4-H Member with the most consecutive years of perfect attendance while making 4-H a priority.

Paul VanderLinden Award Winner

Above: Paul VanderLinden Award Recipient, Jasmine Jensen


LeRoy Putney Memorial Award

This award is presented to a Junior 4-H member who completed an outstanding Breeding Beef Record Book.

LeRoy Putney Award Winner

Above: LeRoy Putney Award Recipient, Trace Storm


Senior Advanced Awards

Senior Advanced Awards are awarded to 4-H Members who have exemplified excellence in their respective category. Recipients must be a senior member, have completed three or more years of 4-H, and should demonstrate leadership beyond the local club level.

The Fashion Revue Award is given to youth who have developed skills in planning, selecting, constructing, and modeling clothing. Members have the opportunity to participate in county and state clothing events to showcase their skills. Recipient - Olivia Harrington of the Belmont Badgers

The Achievement Award is given to recognize those who have shown outstanding personal growth through participation in a wide variety of projects and programs. Recipient- Sasha McCoy of the Carlisle Trail Blazers.

In the area of Agriculture, we recognize those who have grown personally through participating in a wide variety of agricultural projects and programs. Recipient- Brady Streeter of the Virginia Boosters.

The Ak-Sar-Ben award is given to one member who has made progress toward maturity through service for the advancement of the 4-H program. Some examples include: Club officers, Senior 4-H members, County Fairs, and other county and area events. Members need NOT have exhibited at an Ak-Sar-Ben show to qualify for this award. Recipient- Sasha McCoy of the Carlisle Trail Blazers.

In the area of Citizenship, we recognize those who have learned its meaning and have demonstrated their understanding through good practices. Awardee’s must have been enrolled in and completed the Citizenship project. Recipient- Sasha McCoy of the Carlisle Trail Blazers. 

Outstanding Family and Consumer Science Award is for an outstanding 4-H member who has developed skills, knowledge, and creativity in a wide variety of home economics projects. The member must have been enrolled for at least four years and demonstrated leadership and citizenship skills. Recipient- Sasha McCoy of the Carlisle Trail Blazers. 

John Walker Memorial Award is for a Senior 4-H’er with a minimum of 3 years participating in the beef project record book area and has shown knowledge to be a leader in the beef cattle feeding industry. Recipient- Brady Streeter of the Virginia Boosters. 

The Merit Award recognizes members whose accomplishments reflect significant personal growth, active citizenship, earned club and community leadership, competency in project work, and unselfish service to 4-H members and others. Recipient- Olivia Harrington of the Belmont Badgers. 

In the area of Leadership, we recognize youth who have acquired and demonstrated leadership skill and abilities. Members must have enrolled and completed the Leadership project. Recipient- Sasha McCoy of the Carlisle Trail Blazers. 

The Outstanding Communication Award is given to a member who demonstrates strong communication and leadership skills. This member accurately documents these skills in some form of recordkeeping. Recipient- Sasha McCoy of the Carlisle Trail Blazers. 

Senior Advanced Awards Winners

Above: Senior Advanced Award recipients (L-R) Brady Streeter, Sasha McCoy, Olivia Harrington


Top Senior Award 

The highest award given to a 4-H member in Warren County is the Top Senior Award. 4-Hers chosen to receive this award have been outstanding in their project work as well as in their service to their 4-H clubs and communities. These members exemplify what the 4-H pledge stands for and strive to uphold the 4-H Motto of "Making the Best Better". This year's recipient is Sasha McCoy of the Carlisle Trail Blazers.

Top Senior Award Winner

 Above: Top Senior Award Recipient, Sasha McCoy