Virtual Education Implementation

In 2020 the Virtual Education Task Force examined the opportunities and challenges ISU Extension and Outreach faced as we moved to virtual and digital education during the COVID-19 pandemic. We thank them for their efforts.

Now the Virtual Education Implementation Team is taking the work of the Virtual Education Task Force and moving forward. ISU Extension and Outreach will apply the lessons learned so we can better respond to Iowans’ emerging needs for accessing informal education in a post-pandemic world.

Virtual Education Implementation Team

Team members

  • Linda Young
  • Michael Mauton
  • Brent Pringnitz
  • Tim Grewell
  • Chris Knight-Gipe
  • Jed Findlay
  • Robin Ertz
  • Daniel Loy
  • Lori Korthals
  • Cayla Taylor
  • John Lawrence
  • Deborah Tootle
  • Jolene McCoy
  • Keli Tallman
  • Chris Johnsen
  • Julie Kieffer
  • Carol Heaverlo
  • Constance Beecher
  • Nichol Kleespies
  • Mari Melvin
  • Jill Brimeyer
Archive: Virtual Education Task Force Documents


Task force members

  • Brenda Allen                            
  • Kristi Elmore                            
  • Robin Ertz                        
  • Jed Findlay                
  • Jade Hargrafen            
  • Lori Hayungs                
  • Sue Henderson            
  • Terry Janssen
  • Billie Koester
  • Dan Loy    
  • Andrea Nelson
  • Debbie Nistler
  • Darla Olson
  • Aubrey Robertson
  • Cayla Taylor
  • Deb Tootle
  • Aimee Viniard-Weideman