Open for Iowa Charge and Committee Members

The mission of ISU Extension and Outreach is to build a strong Iowa by engaging all Iowans in research, education, and extension experiences to address current and emerging real-life challenges. As we look forward to a post-pandemic world, ISU Extension and Outreach administration has two priorities for summer 2020 that will ensure the full implementation of our mission:

  1. To ensure the health and safety of our staff, volunteers, participants and communities, and
  2. To facilitate your individual success as you work to build a strong Iowa.

To achieve these goals, we will work together on three objectives:

  1. We will reopen offices and in-person education in keeping with state and university guidance with health and safety as the primary concern.
  2. We will be ready to assist Iowa to recover from the events of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  3. We will realize the initiation of Structured for Success on July 1.

In late April, Vice President Lawrence offered initial guidance to county extension districts on reopening county offices, and many of you have been working diligently on your plans. Whether you have begun or not, this document aims to act as a resource to support Objective 1: Reopen. In May 2020, a committee was formed with a charge of focusing on the guidance received from University Human Resources, as well as continuing updates from Governor Reynolds, the Iowa Department of Public Health, and the CDC. The committee was to assess and integrate that guidance and communicate how it might be successfully applied within the unique context of our system.

The initiative is called “Open for Iowa.” The Open for Iowa Committee members were selected for their expertise/background in public health/medical fields or understanding of our ISU Extension and Outreach system (such as county fairs or office operations):

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