Monday Update: Two-Way Scorecard Communication Tool

September 28, 2020

We are at the three-day countdown to the Two-Way Scorecard Communication Tool online survey, which will be open October 1–15. You can review the questions now so you will be prepared to answer them when you receive the link for the online survey. The survey covers the first quarter, July-September 2020, and will be available to county council members, county staff, regional directors, and program specialists. The survey will take about 10-20 minutes to complete and should be completed individually, not as a group.

On October 1 I will send an email message with the survey link to council members and all staff within our 27 regions. Any council members who are unable to complete the survey electronically should contact their regional director to receive a hard copy to complete and return to Andrea Nelson at 2280 Beardshear, 515 Morrill Road, Ames, IA 50011. All mailed surveys must be received by October 15.

A Quarter 1 Report will be published in an aggregated format for each county. Counties will be able to review all scores and comments for further analysis through CyBox in a private folder for each county. A statewide report will also be published.

The idea for the Two-Way Scorecard Communication Tool came out of our Structured for Success process. Last December a committee began developing this new way to provide input on how the partnership of Iowa State University and County Agricultural Extension Districts is working, as defined in the 2020-2023 Memorandum of Understanding and the roles and responsibilities identified in Addendum A. The goal is to improve communication and accountability by providing formal feedback on a quarterly basis. The scorecard is not a performance review of any individual; rather, it’s a check-in on how we all are doing as partners. This is a continuing process that will strengthen our organization and our partnership so we can better serve Iowans and build a #STRONGIOWA.

Open for Iowa

More notes

  • The leadership team is aware of the federal executive order signed September 22 regarding training on diversity and inclusion, and we are checking with university officials to determine how it impacts ISU Extension and Outreach and the training we offer. For now, stay the course and watch for more details.
  • Human Sciences Extension and Outreach has developed the COVID-19 Child Care Considerations publication series to help families sort through decisions during these trying times. All three publications are available for free download from the Extension Store.
  • Join Bridgette Heisterkamp, graphic designer, and Leah Feltz, social media specialist, for DYK? Creating Visuals for Social Media at 10 a.m., Friday, October 2, on Zoom: You’ll gain tips on creating strong visuals and taking the best photos with your phone, as well as some easy editing ideas. There also will be time for Q & A.
  • On behalf of Iowa State University Extension and Outreach I want to share a sincere thank you and special note to Richard Jauron, who is ending his long and impactful extension horticulture career on September 30. Richard – You have been a ready resource to county directors, office professionals, and Master Gardeners across the state for 36 years. By phone, email, in person, or on the radio, you are an unshakable expert on all things plants, yards, and gardens. We will miss you as you start your next adventure, but we appreciate everything you have done for Iowans and our state. You have made us all smarter and better caretakers of everything we grow. Congratulations on your retirement.

John D. Lawrence
Vice President for Extension and Outreach