COVID-19 Exceptional Effort Awards

November 10, 2020

Vice President Lawrence's COVID-19 Exceptional Effort Awards Program will acknowledge and celebrate individuals and teams of our colleagues who have gone above and beyond to educate and inform Iowans during the pandemic.

Nomination Process

  • We will use the same nomination process as the President’s award, but we will have a different online form and review committee.
  • Nominations are limited to 500 words and must describe clearly why the nominee(s) merits recognition.


  • Individual and team awardees will receive a certificate and formal public recognition.
  • Their stories and great ideas will be shared across our system.
  • One winner in each category will also receive a program award of $250 for an individual or $500 for a team that will be placed into an ISU account and can be spent through the normal ISU financial process.