Area Meetings

Area meetings are held in the fall




South Central

North Central


Iowa map of areas.
Goals and objectives for area meetings

Iowa State University Extension and Outreach has divided the state into areas for meeting purposes only.


  • Improve internal communication throughout ISU Extension and Outreach.
  • Enhance interdisciplinary and multi-county programming.
  • Strengthen relationships with colleagues.
  • More closely align vision and mission throughout our organization. 


  • Facilitate communication across counties and across programs, build relationships among staff, and mentor new staff.
  • Provide a ready platform for campus leadership and specialists to connect with and listen to staff in the field.
  • Build trust through ongoing relationships, collaboration, and accountability.
  • Enhance program planning, staff development, and sense of belonging.

Background: Area meetings were begun in 2019 to improve communication in ISU Extension and Outreach. For information about the initial development, see the Plans for Area-Wide, All-Staff Quarterly Meetings (pdf, May 2019).

Materials from previous meetings

Fall 2023 in-person meetings: These meetings focused on ISU Extension and Outreach's draft strategic plan. Watch a video recording (from the south central meeting) of Vice President Jason Henderson’s remarks about the strategic planning process.

Fall 2022 in-person meetings: These meetings featured updates on the state of extension, the MOU, the program planning process, and support for reaching all Iowans (virtual education resources and education, accessibility through translation, and information technology support).

Fall 2021 in-person meetings: Each meeting followed the same morning agenda. Watch a video of the south central meeting, October 1 in Indianola.