Area-Wide Meetings

Virtual area-wide meetings will be held in September 2020

  • South central, Sept. 15
  • Southeast, Sept. 16
  • Northwest, Sept. 21
  • Northeast, Sept. 25
  • Southwest, Sept. 30
  • North central, Sept. 28

area-wide meeting map with 6 areas.

November-December meetings will be in person

  • Northwest, Nov. 24.
  • Southwest, Dec. 1.
  • Northeast, Dec. 2.
  • Southeast, Dec. 3.
  • South central, Dec. 4.
  • North central, to be determined

Location information to come.

Goals for area-wide meetings

Iowa State University Extension and Outreach has divided the state into areas for meeting purposes only. The goals for these meetings are to:

  • Improve internal communication throughout ISU Extension and Outreach.
  • Enhance interdisciplinary and multi-county programming.
  • Strengthen relationships with colleagues.
  • More closely align vision and mission throughout our organization. 

See the Plans for Area-Wide, All-Staff Quarterly Meetings (pdf, May 2019) to review the overall objectives, actions and expectations.

Materials from previous meetings