Area-Wide Meetings Update

October 29, 2019

Oct. 29, 2019 -- email message to county staff and council members

The idea to hold area-wide meetings within ISU Extension and Outreach stems from the work of our Internal Communications Task Force. The meetings directly relate to recommendations for centralized, unified messages to achieve the same understanding of key information across the system. Goals for the meetings also include improving internal communications and creating opportunities to strengthen relationships with colleagues.

The first round of area-wide meetings concluded on September 20. Since that time we have collected feedback through formal surveys and discussions within units. A planning committee that includes county representation has thoroughly reviewed the feedback and has had thoughtful conversations. As they considered the possibilities, they began envisioning what the next round of area-wide meetings could look like. However, through their discussions, they realized that they need more time to properly plan, determine topics, and arrange for speakers.

We want to ensure that these area-wide meetings are valuable experiences and meet your needs. With this in mind, we have decided to cancel the November and December meetings. The feedback that has been collected will help guide planning discussions for subsequent area-wide meetings and annual conference, April 1, our next meeting opportunity.

We value your perspectives and your time. Thank you for all you do for ISU Extension and Outreach. We look forward to seeing you at annual conference.

John D. Lawrence
Iowa State University Vice President for Extension and Outreach