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Our Story: Municipal Professionals

In July 2017 more than 200 city clerks, finance officers and others will participate in the 42nd Iowa Municipal Professionals Institute and Academy. Learn about the impact of this specialized training from ISU Extension and Outreach. City clerk Debra Hartman, now retired, shares her story.

Our Story: Immersion in Wellness

Iowa State University Extension and Outreach programs for health and well-being are designed to help Iowa become the healthiest state in the nation. During summer 2012, some campers at the Iowa 4-H Center experienced Immersion in Wellness. Iowa State faculty in food science and human nutrition are conducting this new research study targeted toward lowering childhood obesity. The study is receiving funding from the Wellmark Foundation Healthy Communities Grant Program. Participating youth were immersed in nutrition education, gardening, culinary skills, physical activity, and a health-promoting environment.