ISU Extension and Outreach Is All about People

March 2015

Iowa State University Extension and Outreach is all about people: the Iowans we serve – more than a million each year; our partners and volunteers; and our faculty and staff throughout the state. We connect Iowans to Iowa State education and research. We’re your lifelong partner.

Iowa was the first state to accept the provisions of the Morrill Act to establish a land-grant university. Iowa State was the first in the nation to engage citizens and begin Extension and Outreach. Today we carry on the legacy of a forward-thinking people. Our educational programs are focused on feeding people, keeping them healthy, helping communities prosper and thrive, and turning the world over to the next generation better than we found it. The lifelong partnerships we build, the learning opportunities we provide, and the experiences we deliver have one over-arching goal – to improve the quality of life for all Iowans. Join us in leaving the world better than we found it - as a learner, volunteer or advocate, or as part of our faculty and staff.