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Cover Cropping and Strip Tillage to Improve Crop Performance and Food Safety in Muskmelon Production

There is a growing interest among growers to utilize production techniques that reduce soil erosion, minimize nutrient leaching, suppress weed emergence, and build soil quality and organic matter. Cover crops are now being widely used by both conventional and organic growers to accomplish these tasks and also to maintain high soil fertility.

Effect of Biochar on Sweet Corn Production

Biochar is an organic amendment produced by a process called pyrolysis. Pyrolysis is the burning of biomass in a limited oxygen environment. In the recent past, agricultural use of biochar has been steadily increasing and attracting research interest. Biochar has been shown to reduce leaching of critical nutrients thereby providing greater soil availability and crop uptake. Potential use of biochar in cropping systems could include nutrient recycling, soil conditioning, and long-term carbon sequestration.

Dr. Ajay Nair

Ajay Nair
Principal Investigator
Extension Vegetable Specialist
Area of Expertise: 
Sustainable Vegetable Production