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2021 Horticulture In-Service

Thursday, March 18, 2021 - 9:00am to 12:45pm
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Horticulture In-Service:

This program is being organized for Iowa State University Extension and Outreach staff focusing on Horticulture and located in county offices and ISU campus. Please register below.

Tentative Agenda:

Horticulture In-Service            
18 March 2021 (Thursday)            
9am Welcome; Horticulture update (Jeff Iles); ANR update (Jay Harmon)
9:30am Keynote - Aaron Steil, Reiman Gardens (Gardening trends)        
10:00am Start 15 minute sessions on following topics    
  10:00 - PIDC Update (Laura Iles &Lina Rodriguez-Salamanca)    
  10:15 - Turf research update (Adam Thoms)    
  10:30- Veg and organic update (Ajay Nair and Kathleen Delate)
  10:45 - Field updates (Joe Hannan and Patrick O'Malley)  
  11:00 - Greenhouse research update, trends (Chris Currey)  
  11:15 - Wine and fruit update (Aude Watrelot and Joe Hannan)
11:30am 5 minute break          
11:35am Breakout rooms with a max of 5 per room    
  Participants will discuss two questions:       
  1. Priorities in county offices for Horticulture (both consumer and commercial)
  2. Resources needed to fulfill those priorities     
11:50am Everyone comes back and groups report      
12:20pm Highlight resources that are available to county (Cindy Haynes)
12:35pm  Closing session with questions and feedback (Ajay Nair and Jeff Iles)
12:45pm Adjourn            
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