Field Production of Horticultural Crops (HORT 376)

Course Description:

Prereq: HORT 221 or AGRON 114

Principles and practices of field production of commercial horticultural crops, with emphasis on fruit and vegetable systems. Topics include site selection, soil fertility, irrigation setup and management, equipment and tools, integrated pest management, season extension strategies, postharvest technologies and handling, food safety, marketing, and basic business planning for fruit and vegetable enterprises.


Vegetable Crop Production and Management (HORT 471/571)

Course Description

Welcome to HORT 471. This course is designed to provide you with an introduction to vegetable crops and the theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience required for successfully producing them. We will be spending most of our time learning the elements of successful vegetable production including the what, where, when and how of growing specific crops. Topics will include crop classification; planting methods; crop climatic conditions, physiological growth and development; soil, water, and pest management; organic production; cover cropping; crop rotation; season extension strategies; postharvest handling/management and marketing. Course involves visits to vegetable production sites in Iowa to observe/experience and learn from growers and entrepreneurs in the field of vegetable production. Laboratory section of the course will provide an opportunity to grow a variety of vegetables in a heated greenhouse; conduct experiments; observe and/or operate equipment for field production. It is expected that upon completion of the course, students would be able to put into practice what they have learned. For students seriously considering entering a vegetable production career.