Equifax Settlement


If you are among the more than 145 million Americans whose sensitive personal information was exposed when Equifax failed to apply a patch to their software, it is time to complete the next step and file a claim to the settlement. Details of options for consumers and a website to file a claim are available at the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Equifax claim site. 
Cash settlements are one option or expanded monitoring of credit files is available. Due to the large number of individuals filing for the cash settlements, the payments will be less than the amounts offered. Credit monitoring services will not be modified from the original offer. Everyone has expanded access to credit reports for the next seven years. In addition to the three available at no cost, Equifax is required to provide six additional reports.
The deadline to file a claim is January 22, 2020. Assistance with recovery from confirmed cases of identity theft, because of the breach, can be obtained by calling 1-833-759-2982. Confirmed cases should be reported to the FTC by calling 1-877-438-4338 or using the reporting forms located at IdentityTheft.gov


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