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Local/Regional Foods

Local food is food that is grown within a reasonable distance from where it is eaten. Exactly how local food is defined is as varied as the consumers that buy it. The commonality amongst local food consumers is a commitment to purchase food that ensures social, economic, and environmental sustainability. Buying local food reduces the number of "food miles" between farm and plate, and helps to keep agricultural profits in the local economy. Read more about Local/Regional Foods

Iowa Food Entrepreneurs Resource Guide

This guide is provided by the Iowa State University Extension Value Added Agriculture program as a tool to provide guidance in the development of a food business in the state of Iowa. A food business has specific issues and factors that are directly affected by state, federal and local regulations, laws, and food safety guidelines that should always be completely understood and examined by an entrepreneur. Additionally, it is equally important that the entrepreneur understand where they can get assistance in answering their questions regarding the laws surrounding the preparation and sale of food products. Read more about Iowa Food Entrepreneurs Resource Guide