Business Consulting

The Value Added Agriculture Program works with a wide variety of businesses in Iowa to determine business feasibility, marketing feasibility or business-planning assistance. Our dedicated team will provide a thorough audit of rural businesses to give an overall feasibility of the project itself. We will first assemble a review team to conduct a thorough investigation of the due-diligence performed by rural businesses requesting our services.

Once the team is assembled, the general scope of our study is to provide a comprehensive look at all major operating elements. The study is conducted according to USDA-RD 4279-B called “A Guide for Completion of Feasibility Studies.” This standard breaks the study into five sections:

  1. Economic
  2. Technical
  3. Market
  4. Financial
  5. Management

Within each section of the standard are a series of questions that must be answered to comply with the standard study. The format of this report follows this standard with a numeric system applied. This allows the reader to see clearly in the table of contents where specific information will be found in the report. This format also overlays a logical flow to the report.