Turf industry bolsters defense of crumb rubber safety

April 29, 2016

Following the NBC’s two-part “Fields of Danger?” report that aired last fall, synthetic fields have come under scrutiny across the country. The following article from sportsturf online addresses concerns that were documented in Fields of Danger?

“Nothing is more important than the safety of our children.” So opens a video released jointly by the Safe Fields Alliance and the Recycled Rubber Council this past February. The video, titled “The Truth About Crumb Rubber and Artificial Turf,” mentions the words “safe” or “safety” 10 times in seven minutes. It’s the most visible effort yet by turf industry advocates to counter mainstream media reports — what the video terms “scary news stories” — that seem to lend credence to suspicions that crumb rubber infill in synthetic turf sports fields may cause cancer, even as these same reports admit, as NBC Nightly News did Oct. 1 of last year, “No research has linked crumb rubber or shredded rubber to cancer.”

The full article can be viewed at http://sportsturfonline.com.