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Giving Back to the Community

November 7, 2013

Last Saturday, The Iowa State Turf Club put their time and efforts back into the Ames community. The Turf Club collaborated with the United Way and donated 15 hours to a yard pick-up in West Ames. Five undergraduates in the Iowa State Turfgrass Science Program were able to make the event and give back to their community. The designed cleanup area was approximately a 10,000 sq. ft. creek bed overgrown with waist high weeds and woody material. 

The United Way of Story County (Ames, IA) celebrated its 60thanniversary this year. I would like to use the rest of this blog to thank the United Way of Story County for their continued efforts and lending a helping hand to hard-working families. We were happy to donate a few hours of our Saturday to this strong community partnership. The United Way of Story County is a strategic community leader and has built county-wide partnerships. The Iowa State Turf Club looks forward to continued opportunities to create a stronger community.