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June 29, 2017

We often get questions on lawn damage that are quite confusing.  They may take the form of a strange pattern and one needs to look "outside of the box" for the answer.  Here is a unique one that came up at a local church in Ames, Ia this week.  Notice its proximity to the play area in the background.  It turns out that they had placed a "slip and slide"  on the area for the kids to play on.  They suspected that the damage was from soap that had been placed on the plastic to make it more slippery.  Soap doesn't usually hurt grass unless it is applied at very high rates.  It is more likely a "green-house" effect from the plastic being left on the lawn in a hot afternoon.  We often see this when glass windows are placed on the lawn on a hot day.  After only a few minutes, the temperature under the glass will damage the grass.