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Des Moines Golf Modification

March 2, 2010

Here are a couple easy modifications we use at Des Moines Golf and Country Club. We bought our own branding iron with the club logo. We now make our own tee markers and chain posts. With 36 holes and 4 sets of tees that is a lot of tee markers to buy. We just purchase cedar 4 x 4's and cut them, brand them and paint them the appropriate color for each set of tees. Branding iron cost about $600 upfront but you can use it for the life of the logo.

During the summer we run a lot of hoses. We make these hose reel carts to aid us in carrying around 100' of 1" hose to syringe or water sod. Not really a modification but a easy way to do a hard job. We just buy the hose reel and make the trailer ourselves.

Rick Tegtmeier, CGCS
Director of Grounds
Des Moines Golf and Country Club