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Have You Heard of the Trans?

March 4, 2010

The Trans-Mississippi Golf Association is one of the oldest and most prestigious amateur golf associations in the United States. While the reach of the Trans extends across the nation, its beginnings are deeply rooted in the Midwest.

The Trans started in 1901 when St. Joseph Country Club of Missouri hosted Omaha Country Club for a match between friends. Later that same year, 15 inaugural member clubs came together to initiate the start of the Trans-Mississippi Match Play Tournament. Three of the original clubs are from the state of Iowa and include Cedar Rapids Country Club, Des Moines Golf & Country Club, and Dubuque Golf Club. In addition, the Trans-Mississippi Championship has been hosted by three Iowa golf courses including Des Moines Golf & Country Club (1909), Wakonda Club (1928, 1935, 1955, 2008), and Waveland (1903)

The Trans is comprised of member clubs from across the nation and the association has three main goals:

Tradition – Promote and advance the spirit of amateur golf by cultivating fellowship, harmony, friendly competition, and cooperation among members of the association.

Competition – The Trans-Mississippi Championship and a Four-Ball tournament are two annual events hosted by the Trans.

Education – Provide educational assistance to aspiring turf students through scholarships. The Trans Turf Scholarship fund grants $90,000 annually in the form of turf scholarships.

Revenue generated from the two annual tournaments along with club dues and charitable donations provide the funding for the Turf Scholarship Fund. The scholarship program was started in 1953 and has provided nearly 1,500 students the opportunity to pursue a career in turfgrass management. The Trans is committed to helping students and is currently in the process of increasing their annual scholarship amount to $150,000.

To find out more about the Tran-Mississippi Golf Association and information on how to join or donate to the turf scholarship fund, view the video below or visit

Marcus Jones
Graduate Research Assistant