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What's the Web Saying About Turfgrass, 8-6-10 Edition

August 6, 2010






Enjoy the first part of the weekend before warmer temperatures move in on Sunday and early next week. Here is your list of links to articles regarding turf. Have a great weekend!

MSU Turfgrass Field Day: 8/18/10. The 2010 MSU Turfgrass Field Day is open to all turf professionals regardless of affiliation. Spend a day with the experts and see what cutting edge research can do to make your operation more productive and profitable. We look forward to seeing you there!;-8182010;-golf-course-turfgrass-field-day-140/

Canadian Tour Will Help USGA Test Shorter Golf Balls. Many of the game's experts - most prominently Jack Nicklaus - argue for dialing back golf ball technology as a way to reverse distance gains they believe are bad for the game's future and dismissive of the game's past. Where do you fall in the debate over distance in golf?

Why We Need More Par-Three Courses. Mike Keiser, who commissions everything at the Bandon Dunes complex in Oregon as a golf purist's fantasy, is building a fifth course to add to his famous four. It's something you don't hear about much anymore—a par-three. Construction on the 12-holer, tentatively called "The Bandon Preserve," starts in February.

Golf Course Superintendents Embracing Social Media. Last Thursday, course superintendent Frank Tichenor arrived at work before dawn to discover a potential nightmare: hyperodes weevil. Naturally, Tichenor’s first reaction was to grab his BlackBerry ... and take a picture for his blog. “There’s always something happening on the golf course,” Tichenor said. “So I took a picture of it, put it up on the blog, and tweeted it and said, ‘Look, this is what’s happening and this is how we’re going to handle it.’ ”

Kansas Turfgrass Field Day. Kansas Turfgrass Field Day, Thursday, August 5, 2010, Rocky Ford Research Center, Manhattan, KS, 8:00 a.m. – 1:30 p.m. Cost: $30.00 (includes lunch), For more information, go to:

Bentgrass and Poa annua greens are hard-hit. Sometimes conditions can become so oppressive on a given site that it overwhelms creeping bentgrass and causes rapid decline, despite the heroic efforts of the superintendent and staff. This information in this article is designed to focus on what can be done amidst this difficult summer.

A detailed labor analysis is effective for tracking costs and making decisions. Golfers, owners, and course officials often have a difficult time understanding how it can take so many people to perform a relatively simple task. So, how many people does it really take to maintain a golf course? Here is the definitive answer: It depends. Accurately forecasting such emergencies is difficult, if not impossible. Read on for a step-by-step procedure showing how to perform a labor analysis at your course.

The career assistant superintendent. It is a tough time to be an assistant superintendent of a golf course in the present job market and economy. It seems to me that if you are fortunate enough to have a job right now, you are holding on to it and riding out this ugly wave.


New Year, New Look, New Features

January 3, 2011

Those of you who regularly follow iaTURF don’t worry; you’re in the right spot. iaTURF has a new look along with some new features. We hope the upgrades will increase your experience each time you visit the site. But before we get into the new features let’s quickly review 2010.

A Look Back
2010 was a busy year for iaTURF. Over 100 articles were written on a variety of turf related subjects. I also managed to chronicle my encounter with a very tasty Cheesy Sacremento. In total we had over 18,000 visits to the blog last year. iaTURF continues to expand as over 40% of this traffic came from new visits. A big “Thank You” goes out to our readership for helping us put up these impressive numbers.

We also started a Facebook page for the blog back in June offering our readers with another convenient way to receive our posts. Content from iaTURF can be accessed by visiting the blog, signing up for an e-mail subscription, receiving feeds through a reader, or through Facebook. If you want to receive content through Facebook simply “Like” the iaTURF Facebook page and a short summary with a link to each post will appear in your news feed whenever we add a new article. We currently have 327 “Likes”. Please help us continue to expand our presence on Facebook and recommend iaTURF to your friends.

New Features for the New Year
As part of our efforts to increase the value of iaTURF to our readers we have incorporated image galleries on the blog. We currently have galleries for turf weeds, insects, and diseases. The galleries are located within the left hand column and can be accessed by clicking on the badge. All of our pictures are archived through a service called flickr and clicking on the gallery will take you to our iaTURF flickr page. There you can scroll through the pictures a number of different ways. Plus, all of the pictures in our galleries may be downloaded for you to use.

Again, thanks to all our readers for their support and for making 2010 such a successful year for iaTURF. If you have any ideas or suggestions regarding how iaTURF can improve its value to you, please don’t hesitate to let us know at