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Help NTEP with a new Kentucky Bluegrass Trial

December 6, 2010

The National Turfgrass Evaluation Program (NTEP) is a non-profit organization that conducts research on the major turfgrass species. NTEP cooperates with state Universities across the U.S. to establish and maintain these trials. A number of testing sites are utilized in order to provide turfgrass managers with data specific to their region or state. We have a couple of NTEP trials at the Iowa State Turfgrass Research Station and if you have ever attended a Turfgrass Field Day you are sure to have seen NTEP research during your visit.

Many of you have probably heard of NTEP before and possibly even used their data. The NTEP trials record information such as turfgrass quality, color, density, resistance to diseases and insects, tolerance to heat, cold, drought, and traffic. I remember John Newton and myself using NTEP data to select cultivars of creeping bentgrass during the renovation process at Veenker Memorial Golf Course. We were interested in choosing cultivars that had dark green color and had good resistance to dollar spot.

Currently, NTEP is planning to initiate a new Kentucky bluegrass trial during the fall of 2011. They are seeking input from industry professionals on the direction of the study. Specifically, they are looking for input on the types of evaluations they should conduct, and the traits that you desire in Kentucky bluegrass cultivars.

You can provide your opinions for this new trial by conducting a short survey (only 8 questions) on the NTEP website. A direct link to the survey can be accessed by clicking here.



October 4, 2012

One of our major projects at the research station this fall is the national turfgrass evaluation (NTEP) tall fescue cultivar evaluation project.  It includes 116 cultivars with most of the  newest turf-types.  The project was seeded on Sept 20.  We had a lot of help from the ISU turf club.  We have irrigation on the site and conditions have been perfect for germination.  I have included pdf files of the cultivar list and the plot plan.  If anyone would like to stop in and see the trial, feel free to come anytime 8 to 4 Monday through Friday.

Figure 1.  Turf club members watering the newly seeded trial on Sept. 20

Figures 2 and 3.  The trial on Oct. 3, 2012.

The plot plan.

 The cultivar list.