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Missing Clegg Impact Testers

November 6, 2012

Dr. David Minner from the ISU Horticulture department has been missing two Clegg Impact testers for the last 3 years.  They are used to measure the hardness of surfaces, such as sports fields.  They were likely lent to someone out there who still has them on the shelf and has forgotten where they came from.  If anyone has seen them, please let Dave or myself know.  

Here is a statement from Dr. Minner:

I am looking for a missing yellow or red Clegg Impact Tester that is used to determine athletic field hardness.  The device is shown below and will have either a 0.5 lb plastic hammer or a 1 or 5 lb steel hammer.  A hammer is just a cylinder that is dropped through the PVC tube and may be attached to a wire or metal “T” handle. The digital read out box may be in a separate padded box and both may be in a canvas carry bag.  They are pictured below.


David D. Minner, Professor
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Horticulture Department
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