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PoaCure trial at Green Bay Country Club

May 14, 2013

Here are some pictures from Marc Davison, superintendent of Green Bay Country Club in Wisconsin.
It shows spring recovery on his 5th green following an application of PoaCure (Methiozolin) (the new material from Moghu in Korea).  I was applied in the fall at 0.6 oz/1000 sq ft in the fall to about 2000 sq ft area on the left side of the green.  The grass is Providence creeping bentgrass.

The first picture is from April 27.  It shows the treated area on the left.


April 30.  By April 30, what appeared to be dry spots in the bentgrass began to appear.  The soil was not dry under these spots.

 May 2

May 5.  the dry spots were still present on May 5.


May 13.  This is May 13, yesterday.  The dry spots are recovering and most of the Poa is gone.



The Moghu company has put out a press release acknowledging this problem on Providence bentgrass treated with PoaCure.  If anyone else has seen the dry spots on other cultivars, let me know.