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May 6, 2014

Here is an update on the fraise mowing and establishment of the Iowa State University practice football field.  I originally posted some pictures of the stripping and seeding of the field on April 7, 2014.


The field was seeded the next day and a tarp was placed over the area on April 11.


Then it snowed.


I visited the field on April 20.  There was a lot of germination of the bluegrass seed and regrowth from the rhizomes of the old bluegrass under the tarp at that time.

The crew removed the tarp on May 2.  I took the picture below May 5.  A nitrogen application of 0,8 lbs nitrogen/ 1000 sq. ft. was made on that date.   It is really looking good for a spring seeding of Kentucky bluegrass.  They are trying to get the field to the point that it can be used in early June.  They might make it.

One of the crew members, Kevin Hansen, is a graduate student.  As part of his research, he has established a site on adjoining area using the same procedures as those used on the field.  He is working with different seeding rates and comparing the use of tarps to establishment without tarps.  I will have him do a blog on his progress in a few days.