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Japanese Beetles Showing up in Central Iowa

July 15, 2015

Here is a post from Dr. Donald Lewis of the ISU Entomology Department to Larry Ginger of American Lawn Care in Des Moines, IA.  Larry had submitted some pictures of Japanese Beetles earlier this week.

 Dr. Lewis is at

Thanks, Larry.

Japanese beetle populations appear to be slowly recovering from their near-complete population crash over the winter of 2013-14.  After seeing almost no JB last summer we are receiving reports from across most of the state, with most observers saying they have seen “a few.”  The exception appears to be western Iowa where slightly more are appearing in some places where they were not previously reported.

This week we have also received a report of activity by adult green June bugs, Cotinis nitida.  These very large, inch-long scarab beetles are highly variable but generally velvety green over most of the body with variable golden-brown markings on the edge of thorax and wing covers.  See BugGuide for photos.

The green June beetle has only been reported in 10 counties within Iowa.  Please send specimens or photos if you see them outside the currently-reported counties:  Harrison, Pottawattamie, Fremont, Page Greene, Polk, Scott, Muscatine, Des Moines, Lee.


Donald Lewis


The first 3 pictures are from Larry Ginger.

This picture of Green June Bug is from Dr. Lewis.