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Fraze Mowing Article by Graduate Student Kevin Hansen

July 29, 2015

Former graduate student Kevin Hansen finished his MS degree at the end of spring semester.  He recently started a new job at the Houston Texan's stadium.  Here is a little about his new job.

I am the grounds foreman here at the Texans.  We have three practice fields, an indoor and our game field that is grown on a tray system.  These trays are moved in and out of the stadium to make the stadium a multi-purpose venue.  It is a lot of work but it makes is easier to maintain the game field throughout the season because other events in the stadium aren't being held on the turfgrass.  The biggest challenge with this system is getting the seams to match up right and leveling them out.  This takes some labor but our crew has got it down to a science. There is a crew of about nine here and we all work hard to get the job done.  Training camp has just started so we are pretty busy setting up the practice fields. 

Kevin Hansen

Houston Texas

Kevin worked on Fraze mowing during his MS program.  An article based on his work was just published in Golf Course Management.  It is available on line at 

Congratulations Kevin on your new job and your publication.