Minnesota considers Pesticide Ban for Golf Courses

April 29, 2016

The Minnesota House soon will decide whether certain pesticides should be prohibited from being used on golf courses and the best methods for encouraging organic farming. Representatives also will discuss helping with foreclosure mediation for farmers.

Legislative tweaks without associated expenditures were compiled by the House Agriculture Policy Committee and will be passed on to the full House. A similar bill awaits a Senate debate.The legislation by Rep. Paul Anderson, R-Starbuck, looks at pesticide. Anderson represents District 12B, which includes part of Douglas County.A federal risk assessment recently linked at least one common type of pesticide to negative impacts on honeybees, reigniting debate over whether other pesticides were linked to the rash of unexplained bee deaths across the country.The bill would remove a requirement that licensed commercial or noncommercial applicators must have an appropriate use certification before they can apply pesticide to a golf course.Whitney Place, director of legislative affairs for the Agriculture Department, said the certification is duplicative because applicators already have to demonstrate competent use of pesticides to receive a license. She said the change would simplify the process, saving time and money for applicators.

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