August 12, 2010

This is going to be another of those summers that we will not forget for a long time. In 1993, we had a flood in Ames that was referred to at the time as a 500 year flood. This one is actually worse. Two 500 year floods in 17 years. What's next?

Here is Veenker Memorial Golf Course (the University Course) this morning (Aug. 12, 2010). I took this from the 1st tee. Notice the crew in the background washing off #1 green.

Here is another shot from the same location looking west at the crew washing off a tee. We'll keep you posted on the aftermath of the flood waters in the next few days. For those of you wandering about Cold Water Golf Links, which is down river from Veenker, I couldn't even get there this morning. I saw helicopter pictures from yesterday, and the course was completely under water.

Here is the 9th green. Luckily, it is out of the flood water, but a mole decided to add insult to injury.

It has been an incredible year for crabgrass. This is a picture of one of our preemerge studies. The two products that are working very well are a CONTEC fertilizer with dithiopyr from Andersons and a new compound from Bayer called Indaziflam (Specticle) that will be coming out next year. Indaziflam works at the incredibly low rates of 0.0225 - 0.071 lb AI/acre. These new compounds are amazing.

Finally, a picture that I took at Veenker the day before the flood. This is mosquito repellant damage at the edge of the 1st green. Notice the foot prints. There were three of these close together. This area was under several feet of water the next morning.


Nick Christians Professor

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