September 15, 2009

Here is an update on the hail damage at Pine Lake CC in Eldora by Supt. Daryl Clingerman. The original post was on Sept. 1.


Tees and collars were sprayed with "round up" on September 1st and 2nd. Seeding began Thursday Sept 3rd using a terra-seeder at 1lb/1000 followed by a tri wave at 2lbs/1000. As fairways were finished, "round up" was applied. The terra-seeder finished on Thursday, the tri wave completed the last 3 holes Friday morning.

Tenacity was applied Friday and Saturday at 8ozs/acre. A 20" turf revitalizer was also used to seed fringes, following contours better than the big machines. A 10-50-0 granular fertilizer was applied at 3lbs/1000. all seeded areas were scalped to .25" after brown down (5-7 days) Seedlings were seen at 7days. Now at 12 days, some areas show a green tint over dead brown.

Greens are 95%+/-, doing well. We are watering 24/7, pray for rain or at least my irrigation pump to hold out.

Daryl Clingerman
Pine Lake Country Club Superintendent


Nick Christians Professor

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