April 1, 2013

Here are a couple more pictures from Ken Siems, Supt. of Pestovo Golf and Yacht Club in Moscow, Russia.  I posted on this in March.  Ken has unusually heavy snow cover on his golf course for this late in the season.  The grass appears to be healthy under the snow cover (see the second picture below taken this week), but the snow cover is hanging on well into April.  The forecast for the next week is for temperatures above freezing in the day time and below freezing at night.  His question relates to whether he should remove the remaining snow.

My experience tells me that he should not try to remove the snow.  We generally tend to do more damage by removing snow than by leaving it on.  However, this is very late in the season.  This is about as long as I have ever seen that much snow hang on into April.  (He did apply snow mold controls before snow cover)

I have recommended that he do some research on this.  I would like to see him remove snow in some areas and leave it on in other areas and then send us some pictures and observations on the results.

I'll keep you posted.  Any comments on this would also be appreciated.



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