Japanese Pagoda Tree

August 14, 2009

The answer to the "Do You Know This Tree" post that appeared last Friday is the Japanese Pagoda Tree (Sophora japonica). This tree was planted at Hyperion Field Club after the storm in 1998 that damaged so many of the trees on the golf course.

The Japanese Pagoda Tree is native to China and is sometimes referred to as a Chinese scholar tree. The tree will grow to an approximate height of 65 feet and displays a rounded crown. This species is one of the last of the larger trees to flower in the north. The Japanese Pagoda Tree blooms in late summer/early fall producing large upright panicles of mildly fragrant, creamy-white, pea-like flowers. The tree produces a fairly light shadow which allow for turfgrasses to grow underneath the canopy.

John Ausen
Hyperion Field Club