Iowa Turfgrass Conference & Trade Show Recap: Jeff Wendel, CGCS

January 28, 2010

First, I want to thank ALL our Exhibitors, Attendees, Speakers and Staff for making the 2010 ‘show’ a success despite the incredible challenge presented by our delightful Iowa weather. It is no surprise to me this group was able to deal with inclement weather, as they do so all the time. Our show works because Turfgrass Managers work. I could not possibly imagine a better group of people to work for!

I also want to thank Marcus Jones for his numerous contributions to the 76th Annual Iowa Turfgrass Conference & Trade Show. All of Marcus’ presentations were excellent and everyone appreciates his enthusiasm and dedication to Turfgrass Management.

Very Special thanks to the management and staff at the Downtown Marriott for their expert handling of our Reception. I think they proved that electric power is a luxury that is needed but not a ‘deal breaker.’ The Reception was perfect and the attendees and Marriott staff deserve another ‘whoo- hoo.’

While Conference is fresh in people’s mind I would encourage them to contact the Iowa Turfgrass Office with ideas for the 2011 event. Anyone who is interested is moderating a session, speaking, or who has a topic or speaker idea can contact me: or 515-232-8222.

Finally, I must thank our Keynote, Tim Gard, CSP, CPAE for his contribution. The ‘bummer’/’whoo-hoo’ theme fit perfectly for the ‘hills and valleys’ that constituted the 2010 Iowa Turfgrass Conference & Trade Show. I cannot possibly count the number of times someone told me, “Best Keynote Ever.”

Jeff R. Wendel, CGCS
Iowa Turfgrass Institute
17017 US Hwy 69
Ames, IA 50010-9294