August 23, 2012

Each year, our students are involved in internships at a variety of interesting places.  This year, we had senior Kevin Hansen at the Green Bay Packers Lambeau Field under the direction of field manager Allen Johnson.  This was an outstanding experience.  

I had a chance to visit the facility on August 10 to see what Kevin had been involved in during the summer.  This is one of the fun things about my job.  Thanks to Allen and his crew for making this a great learning experience.

I will have Kevin put up a more detailed report on his experience later in the fall.

Here are some pictures from my visit on the 10th.


Figure 1.  This was taken on one of the practice fields.  From left to right are Mark Davison, Superintendent of Green Bay Country Club, Kevin Hansen the intern, and Allen Johnson Field Manager.  Mark helped arrange housing for Kevin during the summer and was a big help with arrangements for Kevin's experience.

Figure 2.  This picture shows the synthetic fibers that are used to stabilize the natural grass surface.

Figure 3.  The indoor practice facility.

 Figure 4.  The main field.  It was in great shape.

 Figure 5.  Allen sent this picture to me after my visit.  It is of the lighting system that is used later in the season to help keep the grass in shape for late-season games.  They do one half of the field at a time.


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