June 21, 2012

I have been watching for Japanese Beetles in Ames because we are doing some research on them this year.  I have not seen any.  Three days ago, I got a call from a former student in Chicago, Brock Bollivar, saying that they had very high populations of adults there.  Then today, I got the following two pictures from T.J. Brewer at the Burlington Bees stadium in Burlington (on the Mississippi).  They showed up this morning in high numbers.  They do seem to show up from east to west, so I'll bet we will see them in central Iowa soon.  If any of you from the eastern part of the state see them this week, let me know.  Take some pictures and I'll post them.

Pictures From T.J. Brewer.  The miserable little devils are breeding and getting ready to lay eggs.


Nick Christians Professor

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