May 28, 2013

What's next?  If you check the blog from the beginning of this month, you will find a major snow fall in Ames in May.  Now at the end of the month, we have flooding.  The first picture is from this morning on the 15th fairway at Veenker golf course on Iowa State Campus.  We have one of our major research projects for the year on this fairway and it is now under several feet of water.  Hopefully, we can salvage the research if the water goes down soon.

Veenker Golf Course Flooding

 Pumping off water from behind 16 tee.

Veenker Golf Course Flooding

 Here is the river running through Veenker at 8:00 this morning.  It went over it's banks last night.  The maintenance shop can be seen through the trees.  They have moved all of the equipment to higher ground.

Veenker Golf Course Flooding

 Another view of the river crossing in front of the 16th tee.

Veenker Golf Course Flooding

 This is the crew washing and sweeping soil and other flood related materials from the 16th fairway.


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