July 1, 2013

I received information on the first sightings of Japanese beetles for the 2013 season over the weekend.  Larry Ginger of American Lawn Care reported a sighting in Ames from  June 27.  Dr. Donald Lewis, the turf entomologist from Iowa State also reports a sighting from June 26.  I have not seen any yet myself, although I have been watching.  I am planning a trial on the control of this insect on Roses that I will not be able to begin for a few days.

Let me know if others of you are seeing them.  Send pictures if you have them.

Larry reports that he has had good luck controlling them on landscape plants with a combination of Bisect for quick knock-down and Zylam for 30 day control.  Any other information on control would also be useful.

 Here is one of my photos of an adult form a couple of years ago.  They are about one half inch in length. 

Japanese Bettle


Nick Christians Professor

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