Iowa State at STMA

February 6, 2017

The recent Sports Turf Managers Association (STMA) Annual Meeting in Orlando, FL was a great opportunity to learn, network, and see the new products being offered to athletic field industry. Iowa State was very visible throughout the week. The incoming president is Iowa State Athletic Field Manager, Mr. Tim Van Loo, who took over from outgoing president, and an Iowa State alumnus Mr. Jeff Salmond.

Iowa State Athletic Field Manager and STMA President, Tim Van Loo

On the educational side, Dr. Nick Christians gave a presentation on Micronutrients for athletic fields.

Dr. Nick Christians presenting on Micronutrients.
Dr. Nick Christians presenting on Micronutrients.

Students from Iowa State University recently competed in the Sports Turf Managers Association Student Challenge at the Annual STMA Meeting in Orlando at the end of January. This year's exam focused on turfgrass, weed, and insect identification, irrigation component identification, equipment troubleshooting, and an essay question. The teams finished second and tenth respectively in the four-year division. 

Students and advisors representing Iowa State at the Sports Turf Managers Association Meeting
Pictured above are the students that took part in the competition at the STMA Annual Meeting with advisors Dr. Nick Christians and Dr. Adam Thoms.

In addition to the competition, scholarships were awarded to the top sports turf students.

Mitch Countryman receiving a SAFE scholarship.
Mitchell Countryman of Iowa State received a SAFE Scholarship at the meeting.


This was a very good event for Iowa State to be a part of.



Adam Thoms Assistant Professor

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