Health and Well Being Programs

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In Iowa 26 percent of children live in single parent families, and one third of births are to unmarried women. In addition, 2 percent of children in the state are victims of abuse and neglect, 65 percent of youth report being bullied at school, and 72 percent of children under age 6 have parents in the labor force (the third highest in the nation). Extension programs help parents and youth avoid or decrease risk behaviors and build individual and family support.

Raising School Ready Readers

Learn fun ways to engage children in literacy play and turn everyday experiences into learning activities to help children be ready for school. Families participate together in hands-on activities that support early literacy skills in six areas.

Science of Parenting

Increase understanding of child/youth growth and development and appropriate expectations of children and youth, improve parenting skills, and increase knowledge of communication, positive coping strategies, problem solving, and reading literacy.

Strengthening Families Program: For Parents and Youth 10-14

Want to protect your children, but find it challenging? Wondering how to help your children resist peer pressure? Parents and youth will practice skills, play learning games, do family projects in highly interactive sessions to increase family bonding, build positive communication skills, and solve problems together.